First Hybrid Gym in Billings

"We took the best features of both a studio gym and a fitness center and put it under one roof with lockers/showers, childcare, and all the equipment you need to reach your fitness goals."

The philosophy behind our workouts is to take you beyond general fitness into success in whatever your individuals goal may be. Whether you want to hike a mountain, run a 5k, do a spartan race, lift more weight, prevent injury, or just feel more comfortable with the way you look, our workouts are perfect for you. Our well-trained coaches tailor a workout specific to your fitness level. We can make it challenging and safe for both the college athlete and the 70-year-old whose main goal is to keep vitality.

We have incredible diversity within our workouts. During a class you might see a combination of the any of the following:

  • Cardio that includes: Rowers, Bikes, Ski Ergs, Treadmills (including self-propelled ones)
  • 10 stations where a person can squat/bench/overhead press/etc.
  • Olympic Bar Movements
  • Kettlebells
  • TRX
  • Tires
  • Sandbags
  • Rope Climbs
  • Rings
  • Body Weight Calisthenics
  • Gymnastics
  • Traditional Weight and Cable machines
  • Speed ladder
  • Dumbbells

Why our members have seen such great transformations through our programming...

We challenge your body so it becomes proficient in all energy zones (Creatine Phosphate, Glycolytic, and Oxidative). Why is this so important? So, you will see the greatest change in not only your cardiovascular health, power/strength output, but also your bodyfat as well. Unanimously, every one of our members (who have stayed with us longer than two months) have lowered their bodyfat all while getting stronger at the same time! Not only have our members transformed their bodies but they are excelling at many different pursuits in their lives. Several of our members have placed top 3 at many different fitness events including 5K's, Spartan Races, Bodybuilding shows, etc.

Journey with us as we will help you and support you in achieving your goals. Be Transformed!

Every day the workout is different, so a person will never get bored with the classes, their body will see greater changes, and their fitness will excel.


There are multiple levels of a workout available to accommodate any skill-level. "Loaded" Hour long class that includes all equipment and varies in focus: strength, muscle endurance, power, and cardio "Unloaded Express" - 30-40 min class that does not include any bar work such as snatches or clean & jerks.Focus is more aerobic.

"The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit." -Morihei Ueshiba

Whether you find motivation in sweating alongside others or on your own, Telos Fitness offers the workout environment you need to become the best athlete you can be.


Personal trainers are available to train you at your convenience-even during scheduled class times.


Create your own workouts, or go through the Workout of the Day program (posted daily). Trainers are available to answer your questions.

Between the greatest array of equipment that offers over 100's of different exercise options, 3 different membership options, and two different fitness tracks, we have options for everyone. Regardless of where you are starting, with all these options and the personal instructions you get from our qualified coaches you will find yourself excelling in all realms of fitness!