about us


Telos: “Complete, perfect” “All things for the same end”

Telos Fitness was started by Dolan and Michelle Hornbeck as a marriage of their two greatest passions: Faith and Fitness. But their vision wasn’t for just a gym, or just a church. Telos is a place where functional faith and functional fitness work together for complete transformation of body, mind and spirit.

We bring these two areas together through:

  • Daily classes which are designed by our excellent coaching staff
  • Personal training by certified trainers,
  • Group sessions designed to grow your faith
  • Facebook group for members to foster community


Dolan discovered his passion for fitness after seeing its power to transform lives both physically and emotionally. He has now been a motivating force in the Billings fitness industry for 18 years.

Dolan met his wife, Michelle, while running a strength and conditioning program at the YMCA. Three programs later, he knew she was special, and after proving to her he was more than a hunk of muscle, the wedding was only a matter of time! In Dolan’s and Michelle’s lives, fitness is more than a career: it’s a shared passion that continues to strengthen their relationship. Their children are seeing the example of fitness and following in it. Their 4 year old daughter already performs chin ups and “chalks up” to do stretches on the mats. They are literally growing up at the gym.


Even given their passion for fitness though, nothing compares to their love for God. In his time on staff at several churches in Billings, Dolan has witnessed Christ working radical transformations in the hearts of those around him. He and Michelle have both personally experienced the renewing love of Christ, and are thrilled at this experience to help people dive into the Lord and their identities in Him.

“And now I want each of you to extend that same intensity toward a full-bodied hope, and keep at it till the finish. Don’t be sluggish, but imitators of those who have faith and patience in the promise of God” (Heb 6:11-12).

In all things, we persevere to the end with blood, sweat, and tears, knowing that we rest in God’s promises.